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Fixings Guide

Currently we offer 4 options for fixings , but to help you understand and make the correct choice for you we have described your options below. If you still need some help please feel free to ask us by email and we will try to help.

‘No Holes option

This option is selected if you intend to cement your sign into your wall, often selected when you are building a new wall your builder can set the sign into the wall without the need for standard fixings.

Holes and Screws option

This is where we supply your sign with holes and screws , this option can be used on various surfaces. Each slate sign hole is also countersunk this allows the screw to be recessed in the slate giving it a much cleaner look.

Hidden Fixings option

This option is mostly used on masonry walls , brick ,concrete , sandstone etc. On choosing this option the sign will arrive with epoxy resin and metal pins. The slate will be holed part way through the back of the sign , using the epoxy glue you fix the pins in place before offering the sign up to the wall and making sure the sign is level mark where the pins touch the wall. Simply drill the wall where the marks on the wall where left using a masonry drill. With the remainder of the epoxy resin fill the holes before pushing the sign and pins into the holes.

Wooden Stakes

This option will mean you can place the sign away from your house and place in the garden , using the 600mm long wooden stakes simply push them into the ground and using the screws and holes provided in the slate screw the sign to the wooden stakes. It’s a really quick and easy installation.