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Corten Steel Garden Art

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When rust looks good

Corten steel sheet (also known as weathering steel) is instantly identifiable thanks to its rich, bright orange tones. Originally developed for building coal carriages in 1930s America, it is now one of the most stylish and durable metals on the market. Corten steel plate might look like it’s rusty, but thanks to clever manipulation in its processing, the outer oxidisation actually protects the steel from further corrosion, as well as making it look very good indeed. There’s no need to paint and it just looks better with age, no wonder designers love it.
More recently, though, it’s become the material of choice for many artists, architects and interior designers.As well as art, Corten steel cladding is extremely popular and it is often used for buildings, giving it a tough coating against the elements and an industrial-looking edge. Whether you’re looking for stunning aesthetics, weather performance or a wonderful mix of both, it delivers.

How it’s made:

Weathering steel is an alloy, which is what makes it so resistant to the elements. The addition of nickel, copper and chromium at the production stage means that over time, a protective patina will develop on the surface of the metal.

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